In the summer, the days are longer and there is more light in the evenings. With the warm weather and longer days, you might be wondering why people use candles in the summer. But skipping candles in the summer months means you will miss out on their many benefits. There’s no reason to limit candles to only the winter or fall months. They’re perfect for using on the patio and around the home as well. 

Patio Light

Sitting outside at night is a great way to enjoy the beautiful weather. With candles, you can create a soft light for your patio and enjoy their wonderful scents. If it is too dark to see your family or friends, light some candles on the outside table. 

Twilight is the perfect time to light some candles and enjoy a romantic or relaxing atmosphere. This is a fantastic way for you to unwind. There’s just enough light to sit on your patio, but at the same time, it is not too bright to keep you from falling asleep later on.

Keeping Away Bugs

Sitting on your patio is fun and relaxing until the mosquitoes show up. They are naturally attracted to light, but even if you sit in total darkness, they’ll still find you by your scent. That’s where citronella candles come in. They naturally keep bugs away, and the scent can also mask your scent, which is attractive to many kinds of bugs. 

Often, one candle alone doesn’t have a huge concentration of citronella, so it might not keep away all of the bugs. But with enough of them and some mosquito repellant, you can have a bug-free evening. In addition, these candles have a much more pleasant scent than traditional bug repellant.

Summer Blackouts

Thunderstorms happen often in the summer months. And if you live in an area where the power lines are above ground, they are more likely to get damaged, resulting in a blackout. Of course, it is always good to have flashlights around in case the power goes out, but batteries don’t last forever. Plus, there’s nothing like sitting in a room filled with flickering candlelight. 

Where to Find Summertime Candles

When you’re enjoying candles in the summer, you also want something cute. Luckily, Wick and Wicked offers a full range of candles, like these succulent-shaped candles. Contact us to learn more about our products and how you can use them around your home in the summertime or browse our online shop to get your summertime candles today!