When it comes to finding the right wedding décor, there is nothing more beautiful and romantic than soft, flickering candlelight. This is a classic option that you can use in many different ways. It brings both function and beauty to your reception or ceremony space. Even though you can find LED lights, nothing can quite take the place of the ever-changing light of a candle.

Popular Ways to Use Candles at a Wedding

It is common to have candles on the table as part of the centerpiece. But if you want to add a bit more complexity, then you should think about mixing things up. For instance, look for vintage candlesticks with taper candles. Using candles in different colors, like white, black, and your wedding colors, will make your table more visually dynamic.

If there is a path at the venue that you want your guests to follow, line it with candles in jars to add elegance. That method also works perfectly with vases, lanterns, and other containers.

Ways to Display Candles

One way to display candles at your wedding is to get lanterns and put small candles in each one. Lanterns are extremely versatile, and you can find them in many different styles. They will integrate seamlessly, no matter what feel or look you are going for.

With brightly colored lanterns, you can add pops of color and ensure there is a bold, yet romantic look. Whether you choose mismatched vintage lanterns or clear glass ones, you can use them in many ways. For instance, consider using them as centerpieces, marking aisles, or even hanging them in the trees for an outdoor wedding. 

You can also place little candles in water in canning jars. They will float, and the water will reflect the flickering light beautifully. 

Giving Candles as Gifts

It’s traditional to give the happy couple items to fill their new home together. If you are attending a wedding, decorative candles in amazing scents are a perfect gift. Or consider making a date night in a basket. Include candles and everything else they need to have a romantic evening date at home. 

Use Candles at Your Wedding

There are numerous ways that you can use candles at your wedding, from candlesticks to floating candles. Or consider giving some as a gift at the next wedding you attend. If you’re interested in purchasing candles online, browse our online show today or contact us to learn more about how you can use candles at your next wedding.