Imagine stepping into your friend or family member’s home and you smell… a hint of pine? No, perhaps it is something floral, maybe with a hint of citrus? Whatever it is, the smell washes over you like a gentle embrace. You desperately wish your house could smell the same. You look around the room and notice that some candles are lit. Your curiosity piques. You walk closer to those candles; the flames are dancing around, and that pleasant smell gets noticeably stronger. Taking a small whiff has confirmed your suspicion, and now all that comes to mind is… you must have that candle. You need that candle.

Candles are simple yet affordable ways to set a certain mood in your home. Not only does it brighten the surrounding area, it’s also an exceptional way to get rid of any remaining odor from last night’s dinner and bring some festivities into the house. When lots of candles are involved, you know there is a special occasion happening. Candles can be used to add some glitz and glamour, spark up some romance, add a touch of mystery and whatever else you are trying to convey. Candles can smell earthy, floral, citrusy and the list continues. There are so many smells to choose from and many uses but not all of them are suitable for home. To find out which candles are the most suitable for your home, Wick and Wicked has composed a list below of different aspects you should consider when purchasing new home candles.

Scent Sensitive

For those of you who are more sensitive to smell but still want to change things up a little around your house. One suggestion would be purchasing the 10pc Unscented Small Candles. These home candles are unscented, uniquely shaped and available in 4 different colours; perfect for your mix-matching needs. Feel free to scatter them around your home or put a few together in a tray for an aesthetically pleasing spark of light. If you are someone who just wants simple scentless candles. Wick and Wicked also carries a pack of 10pc Floating Candles. Made for any occasion and comes in six different colours. These home candles are also great to have lying around in the sudden case of a black out, they make fantastic light sources.

Stress Begone!

Are you a stay-at-home parent with an endless list of chores to do or did you just have a rough day at work? Literally, smell your stress away. Try one of our Aromatherapy Candles! These home candles are made from soy wax, but also smokeless and long lasting. There are two different floral scents to choose from, perfect for making your bedroom, bathroom or living room smell like a fragrant garden. You will be surprised by how much this really helps to calm things down around your chaotic schedule. If floral isn’t your scent, Wick and Wicked also carries Creative Soy Wax Romantic Aromatherapy Candles. It comes in an octagonal shaped container and smells like a dream vacation. You get hints of coconut when lit, reminding you of that last island vacation you went on how many years ago. That black and white marbled design makes it a beautiful statement piece for your home as well.

Not So Green Thumb

House plants can be a great addition to your home, but if you are someone who tries and tries but still cannot keep that Dracaena Trifasciata alive, plants might not be your forte. One good alternative would be to purchase some of Wick and Wicked’s Succulent Plant Mold Cactus Candles. They come in three various packs to choose from and are expertly molded to look like different kinds of succulents varying in colour; an adorable addition to make any corner of your house a little greener. You will never have to worry about watering that plant again, just light up one of these cute candles to sprout some life into your homes. Not only are they pleasing to the eyes and nose, but they would also make great gifts for plant lovers too.

Candles are made with many different smells and are used for many different purposes. Whether it’s to relax during bath time or being used to add a bit of romance and glamour to your dinner parties, candles are an affordable way to incorporate something special into your homes. Because there are so many options it’s hard to find suitable home candles. For more options such as handmade and vegan candles, please visit Wick and Wicked. This list has given you some ideas to consider but if any questions or inquiries do pop up, feel free to contact the staff at Wick and Wicked. We hope you can find the candle that was designed especially for you.