A gel candle consists of a material that is 5 percent polymer resin and 95 percent mineral oil. When they mix together, the oil becomes more solid. The consistency will be similar to a gelatin dessert. When you press on the gel, it will be solid, but there will be a give to it. Once you release the pressure, it will bounce back. 

You can find gel candles in both translucent colors and completely clear. There are many sizes and shapes available, with a wide array of scents. You might even find ones that have decorative elements suspended inside of the gel.

How They Are Made

A company will use a container and a candle wick along with the ingredients for the main part of the candle. The first step involves placing the wick on the bottom of the jar. A bit of candle wax might be used for this step as it needs to be attached to the bottom firmly and centered there.

Next, the company will mix the ingredients for the gel wax, melting them so they blend together nicely. This mixture is then poured into the jar with the wick in it. Fragrances and decorative items can be added at this point. The best companies can pour in the mixture without causing air bubbles, which will be highly noticeable once the candle has set and is in use.

Uses for Gel Candles

One reason for using gel candles is that they might last longer than a traditional candle. You can even have them hold sentimental items, like jewelry, flowers, and shells. Many couples like to use gel candles at their weddings. These make excellent centerpieces for the reception space. They can also be used in the ceremony space. Gel candles add a romantic feeling to any outdoor event. 

Get a Gel Candle Today 

With many gel candle options, you can choose the perfect color. For example, if you are having a wedding, you can pick out one that goes with your wedding colors. When you light a gel candle, the entire container will glow, helping you create a unique and memorable experience for each of your guests. 

Choosing high-quality products like the gel candles from Wick and Wicked will ensure that they last for a long time to come. To learn more about products like our aromatherapy gel candles, get in touch with Wick and Wicked today.